• Reclaimed Brick Pavers

    Our products are both historic and beautiful, highly durable, completely waterproof, very versatile, and easy to install.

    In the photo: A mix of Jamestown Classic and Jamestown Slim street brick pavers make the perfect driveway to a traditional red country barn.
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  • Amazing Versatility

    Cobblestones are perfect for paving driveways and patios or edging planting beds and loose stone walkways. Cobbles are available in a variety of colors.

    In the photo: Jumbo Granite Cobblestones enhance this public area.
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  • A Truly Antique Touch

    Mined from WNY quarries and reclaimed from streets in Buffalo, NY, these cobbles range in color from red to gray to tan. They can be used for building facades, retaining walls as well as paving.

    In the photo: Medina Sandstone Cobblestone driveway leading to country estate.
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  • Reclaimed Cobblestones

    Mined from WNY quarries and reclaimed from streets in Buffalo, NY, these cobbles range in color from red to gray to tan. They can be used for building facades, retaining walls as well as paving.

    In the photo: Medina Sandstone Cobblestone driveway leading to country estate.
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  • Clever Curbing Usage

    Reclaimed curbing has so many applications. If laid flat, the stones can be used for walls, paving, patios, steps, benches, fireplaces and more.

    In the photo: A lovely Medina Sandstone Curbing wall.
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  • The Youngstown Tan Brick

    Manufactured by Youngstown Block Company, these pavers have a lighter brick shade with a tan fleck. Perfect for reflecting off yellow and beige tones, these pavers make a beautiful walkway or patio.

    In the photo: Youngstown Tan street brick paver walkway highlights a historic home.
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  • Brick Pavers
  • Cobblestones
  • Curbing
  • Hardscapes
  • Architectural Reclaim

The Jamestown Collection

Our versatile collection of elegant Jamestown pavers will find a way to be the perfect fit into your landscape project.


The Olean Collection

With three wonderful products available, the Olean pavers will be a perfect accentuation for your remodeling or development project.


Youngstown Tan Paver

Perfect for just about any job, this reclaimed brick offers a lighter shade with a tan fleck.


Gray Granite Setts

These cubes with substantial flash and weathered face makes this stone a favorite of landscapers.


Medina Sandstone Cobblestones

The color range of these cobbles includes grey, red and tan. Strength and durability make these a versatile product!


Nottingham Cobblestones

The surface of these cobbles is worn smooth and has a great aged patina. Their imperfect shape makes them a favorite for the creative.


Medina Sandstone Curbing

These stones can be used for curbing, driveway edges, steps, retaining walls, and so much more.


Granite Curbing

Granite curbing is ideal for multiple hardscape purposes.


Medina Sandstone Sidewalk Slabs

These beautifully worn slabs can be used for restoration, as well as creating something new from something old. Strong, worn and durable, and highly useful in both low and high traffic locations.


Medina Sandstone Building Blocks

These stones wear their over 100 years of exposure to the elements very nicely. Simply amazing pieces of a restoration or build project, these blocks become an affordable historic pieces of your puzzle.


Building Pieces of Distinction

Pieces of historic and landmark buildings can be yours! We have a large number of building artifacts in stock with more being collected all the time. These reclaimed architectural pieces are both authentic original pieces and replicas. Each piece has a unique history that can add interest and character to a garden, landscape or interior design.


Some replicas can be manufactured from the original molds and are available in whatever quantity is required. Not all of our architectural reclaim items are shown on this site. If you are looking for something specific, call or write us with your request and we will do our best to meet your needs.


Antique Reclaimed Street Bricks and Cobblestones

Renovating?  Restoring?  Remodeling?  Whether you need something special for a single residence or for a community restoration project, we can provide you with beautiful and unique reclaimed materials.

Our bricks are reclaimed from over 100 year old streets.  The surfaces of the bricks are beautifully worn, but the bricks are still as strong as new.

  • More durable than concrete - Guaranteed!
  • No sealing is required. Pavers are naturally waterproof.
  • LEED qualified Green Product.
  • Price competitive with concrete imitations.
  • Granite and Sandstone cobblestone available.
  • Curb, stone sidewalk slabs and other hardscape and building materials also available.
  • We offer a wide variety of architectural reclaimed pieces to enhance your garden or landscaping.
  • Our bricks and cobbles are delivered on pallets, ready to use.
  • Personalized "Plaque of Authenticity" available.
  • We also buy your used bricks.
  • Our materials are 100% reclaimed.

Our products are a favorite building supply for some of the Northeast United States' best landscape designers with an instinct for implementing our historic and beautifully aged bricks into a back yard, front yard, side yard, residential or commercial landscape. 

Remodeling and Home Design
Buffalo Stone, Pavers & Concrete

Product Spotlight

This raving beauty is in the Architectural Reclaim category

This month, its Architectural Relaim!

Featured Showcase

The Symantics of the Reclaimed Brick and Stone Industry

While we call our products reclaimed street brick pavers and cobblestones, others may call them repurposed street brick pavers and cobblestones.  We've also heard them being called recycled street brick pavers and cobblestones.  Then there are those who refer to them as used street brick pavers and cobblestones, antique street brick pavers and cobblestones ... and even salvaged street brick pavers and cobblestones!

Remember, whatever "green" or sustainable phrase you want to use regarding street brick pavers and cobblestones, Experienced Brick and Stone has it.  [ ask us ]