Reclaimed Antique Cobblestones

Reclaimed Used Granite Cobblestones

In the photo: These reclaimed pavers are used to create a beautiful pattern for a new driveway for a client.


Reclaimed, Antique, Used Cobblestones

Cobblestones are perfect for paving driveways and patios or edging planting beds and loose stone walkways. Cobbles are available in a variety of colors. Experienced Brick & Stone's used Cobblestone is a favorite of landscapers and architects.

Popular Uses for Used Granite Cobblestone:

  • Used Cobbles make a durable and rich looking driveway or entranceway
  • These aged cobblestones are excellent around pools
  • Antique cobblestones can be used to construct stunning walls and facades
  • Cobblestones are versatile in most garden and hardscape designs
  • Reclaimed curbing can be used to enhance cobblestone installations
  • ... and many more!

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Medina Cobblestones

Magnificent buildings all over the world were constructed of Medina sandstone from Medina, New York including the steps of the NYS Capital Building and significant architectural structures in NYC and London.

Mined from WNY quarries and reclaimed from streets in Buffalo, NY, these cobbles range in color from red to gray to tan.  They are approximately 6.5” thick and randomly sized.  These cobbles have many purposes.  They can be used for building facades, retaining walls as well as paving.  

Here are a pictures of Medina Cobblestones in use.

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Regulation Granite Cobblestones

These durable and aesthetically pleasing cobbles are a perfect fit for roadways, driveways, walkways and patios.

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Jumbo Granite Cobblestones

These large gray used granite cobblestones with black fleck are 8” deep and perfect for edging planting beds, driveways and loose stone walkways.  A 4” reveal can provide up to 4” of the cobble buried below grade.  This provides a more damage resistant installation and more satisfied customers.

Here are a few photos of the Granite Cobbles in various uses.

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Grey Granite Settes

These gray granite cubes with substantial flash measure 4x4x4" with one cut side. The weathered face of this striking stone has made them a favorite of landscapers and architects.

The historic NYC area known as the "meat-packing district" is still home to many streets that use these gray granite settes.

Here are a few images of Gray Granite Settes in various uses.

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The Symantics of the Reclaimed Brick and Stone Industry

While we call our products reclaimed street brick pavers and cobblestones, others may call them repurposed street brick pavers and cobblestones.  We've also heard them being called recycled street brick pavers and cobblestones.  Then there are those who refer to them as used street brick pavers and cobblestones, antique street brick pavers and cobblestones ... and even salvaged street brick pavers and cobblestones!

Remember, whatever "green" or sustainable phrase you want to use regarding street brick pavers and cobblestones, Experienced Brick and Stone has it.  [ ask us ]