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Our Reclaimed Street Bricks Product Line

Reclaimed Street Bricks and Pavers

Reclaimed Street Brick Products

At Experienced Brick & Stone, we salvage our antique street brick pavers from streets that are more than 100 years old. We carefully recover our historic pavers from resurfaced roadways and prepare them for resale.

Each paver has a beautifully worn surface from decades of use, but is still as strong as the day it was first installed. Street pavers are more durable than concrete pavers—and far more charming. Naturally waterproof, they also require no additional sealing.

With a range of colors, from tan to burnt orange to deep red, our reclaimed street pavers will lend an authentic, timeless look to your space.

Popular Uses for Street Pavers

Our customers have used historic street brick pavers to create a variety of vibrant spaces:

  •  Elegant driveways
  •  Inviting patios and walkways
  •  The outline around an in-ground pool
  •  Retaining walls
  •  And so much more!

Reclaimed Street Brick Products

Enhance your project with our reclaimed products

Our antique street pavers, cobblestones and landscaping materials will give your space the unique, historic touch it deserves.