Trinity Church Restoration

Trinity Church Restoration Project

In 2019, we were honored to be a part of a very special restoration project for Trinity Church Wall Street in New York City. Trinity Church Wall Street has been an active Episcopal Parish for more than 300 years in the heart of the financial district of NYC.

For more history, you can visit their website at:

Experienced Brick and Stone’s role came in supplying the stone tiles used to restore some of the flooring inside the historic church. In order to be successful, the project called for over 2,400 square feet of historic stone flooring, consisting of a variety of colors – 400+ stone tiles in total

Raw materials in our yard.

Tiles being sawn cut to spec.

The Challenge: Sourcing the Perfect Products

Working with all the talented parties involved in the restoration, we were able to provide the project with the historically correct Medina stone that was used in the original construction. The stone is no longer quarried so Experienced Brick & Stone had to find and reclaim large blocks suitable for the cutting of floor tiles. To make the project even more challenging, the color of the Medina stone originally used varied from beige to dark reds to dark brown. To get the look everyone wanted, many different colors of stone blocks were cut to produce sample tiles with a range of colors that were then tested in a pattern, as seen in the photos below. In addition, the stones needed to be crosscut such that the beauty of the natural patterns in the stone showed in the tiles.

Crosscut tiles show the beauty of its natural patterns.

Sample tiles cut, testing color range.

Product Cut, Prep, and Ship

Once the sample cuts were approved, we fabricated the correct number of tiles for each color to create the desired floor pattern for the church. After the salvaged raw materials were cut to the proper tile specs, they were safely packaged and shipped to the installer as needed, leaving plenty of time to put the puzzle pieces together and successfully meet the project deadline.

Safely packaged for shipment

Tiles arrive and are installed on site.

The Final Installed Product

As you can see by the finished product, all the hard work paid off and ended up being a very enjoyable process. From reclaiming the material and matching the historic colors to shipping the fabricated tiles to the site for installation, we were proud to be a part of this historic project in New York City. If you make your way to the financial district of the Big Apple, we highly recommend a stop at Trinity Church Wall Street to admire the gorgeous restoration.

Historic floor tiles are set by talented installers.

The finished product, Trinity Church Wall Street.

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