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Johnsonburg Bricks

Reclaimed Used Johnsonburg Bricks

Johnsonburg used brick from Johnsonburg, PA. (more pictures)

Reclaimed, Used Johnsonburg Bricks

The Johnsonburg street brick pavers get their name from the Johnsonburg Brick Works factory in Pennsylvania. The antique material’s color is less red than most street bricks and are either mixed with their red brick cousins or installed on their own. The used bricks are a standard Dunn Patent size and have a very square, flat top surface which allows for small joints.

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View Reclaimed Johnsonburg Bricks in Action!

  • Palletized Johnsonburg bricks, construction materials prepared for shipment
    Johnsonburg Bricks
    Palletized Johnsonburg bricks, construction materials prepared for shipment
  • Salvaged Johnsonburg brick color
    Johnsonburg Bricks
    Salvaged Johnsonburg brick color

A Snapshot of History: Johnsonburg Bricks

Johnsonburg Brick Works, located in the oldest settlement of Elk County, PA, started in 1891. Managed by Alfred Yates on 121 acres of land, the plant was on land filled with inexhaustible deposits of clay. Alfred Yates was a mason who was a conscientious and consistent advocate of brick, terra cotta, and all clay products.

After mastering the technical side of the business, he was eager to share his knowledge with others in the industry. He is responsible for much of the Johnsonburg brick production - Under his leadership, the Johnsonburg plant increased production from 6 million to 12 million bricks per year!

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