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Youngstown Tan Brick Pavers

Youngstown Brick Pavers

These old bricks have a wide color range and rich patina for a historic sidewalk. (more pictures)

Reclaimed, Used Youngstown Tan Bricks

Many historic pavers bear their manufacturers’ names. In this case, your salvaged Youngstown bricks may show the Bessemer Brick Company or its predecessor, the Youngstown Block Company of Youngstown, Ohio.

The distinguishing feature of our Youngstown Tan brick pavers is the tan and yellow flecks on their surface. Lighter in color than other reclaimed pavers we carry, these historic bricks complement and reflect yellow and beige tones off your house and landscaping.

To learn more about the history of our antique Youngstown pavers, scroll to the history section below.

Youngtown Tan pavers have smooth tops and fit snugly together - perfect for a welcoming driveway, winding walkway or comfortable patio.

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View Reclaimed Youngstown Brick Pavers in Action!

    Youngstown Tan
    The organic warmth of salvaged bricks is a welcoming sight
    Youngstown Tan
    Installation of reclaimed bricks uses the same method as modern pavers
    Youngstown Tan
    Even pets enjoy walking on salvaged street bricks

A Snapshot of History: Youngstown Tan Pavers

In our inventory of Youngstown brick pavers, the oldest bricks will bear the name of the Youngstown Block Company. Then you’ll see two names: Youngstown and Bessemer. And, the youngest bricks — if you can call 100-year-old pavers “young” — will show one name: the Bessemer Brick Company, which purchased the Youngstown firm and continued to operate its plant in Youngstown, Ohio.

The Bessemer Limestone Company was first organized in 1885 to quarry limestone for use in blast furnaces. Quickly, company leaders realized its materials could also be used to produce durable, high-quality bricks, and they opened a subsidiary, the Bessemer Brick Company, in 1901.

The original brick plant contained six kilns and, within a decade, doubled in size. In 1907, the company opened a separate paving block plant, featuring a continuously burning kiln that stretched more than half a mile in length. The company produced 48 million brick pavers a year, at one time becoming one of the largest brick manufacturers in the nation. Its pavers shipped to Europe and South America, and were used in the first tunnels under the Hudson River. In March 1917, the company sold to the Metropolitan Paving Brick Company.

To continue the story, check out our salvaged Metropolitan brick pavers.

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