Historic Character, Timeless Beauty
Create a one-of-a-kind space with our reclaimed bricks,
cobblestones, curbing and hardscapes.
A Century of Charm
Our salvaged paving and construction materials all have a storied
history that cannot be replicated by modern products.
Creative Projects with Classic Materials
Our customers have created stunning, unique features with our antique
materials. What will you design?

Reclaimed Bricks and Cobblestonesby Experienced Brick & Stone

Classic and Creative Projects

Many customers use reclaimed brick pavers and cobblestones to create stunning and timeless patios, driveways and walkways. That’s just the beginning—with some creativity, our historic materials are perfect for outdoor grills, driveway entrance columns, retaining walls, benches, landscaping features and more.

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Quality at Reasonable Prices

In our ever-expanding inventory, you’ll find salvaged pavers, cobblestones, curbing and other hardscape materials—all at reasonable prices, ready to ship anywhere in the United States. Whether you’re replacing a tired driveway or restoring a streetscape, we’ll help you find the right color, era and character for your needs.

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Help Us Salvage History

We don’t just sell reclaimed materials — we buy them as well. If you are looking to sell historic brick pavers, cobblestones, curbing, foundation stone or other hardscape materials, we will buy it! These materials are durable, impressive materials with long lives ahead. Let us reclaim their history, save them from landfill and help find them new homes.

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Why Choose Experienced Brick & Stone?
  •     Every product is authentic, historic and reclaimed.
  •     No sealing is required. Pavers are naturally waterproof.
  •     You can earn LEED points with our green products.
  •     We also buy your used bricks, cobbles and stone.
  •     You’ll save an important piece of history from landfill.
  •     Our salvaged materials are delivered to you, on pallets, ready to use.
  •     In our ever-changing inventory, you’ll find the perfect material for your next project.

Experienced Brick and Stone combines the allure of using 100-plus-year-old materials and creating something new, beautiful and durable.

Why Choose Experienced Brick & Stone?

Customer Testimonials

I purchased products from Experienced Bricks on two occasions and had good experiences both times. The first order was for Youngstown Tan bricks and they made a beautiful, organic, warm walkway.

The second project was Medina Sandstone for driveway edging. The material has such a good, solid feel and historic look and was well stacked and packaged. It made a wonderful edging and added dimension and warmth to the driveway.

Both deliveries went perfectly and were on time. I was also contacted to make sure everything was delivered as ordered and that I was satisfied with the product. I would highly recommend the products and service from Experienced Bricks.

Nellie Gardner
Rochester, NY

Industry SemanticsThe 'Lingo' of the Industry

Key Terms and Phrases

While we call our products reclaimed street brick pavers and cobblestones, others may call them repurposed street brick pavers and cobblestones. We've also heard them being called recycled street brick pavers and cobblestones.

Then there are those who refer to them as used street brick pavers and cobblestones, antique street brick pavers and cobblestones ... and even salvaged street brick pavers and cobblestones!

Remember, whatever "green" or sustainable phrase you want to use regarding street brick pavers and cobblestones, Experienced Brick and Stone has it.