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Our Reclaimed Curbing Product Line

Reclaimed Sandstone Street Curbing

Our Reclaimed Curbing Product Line

The salvaged curbing in our inventory was used in roadways for more than a century. But today, it’s often cast aside when streets are repaved. Rather than allowing them to go to a landfill, we go the sustainable route and reclaim these beautiful stones, giving them new life in clients’ projects across the country.

Popular Uses for Curbing

Old curbing can, of course, be used for its original function: as a curb! Our creative customers have constructed many other stunning features though. Here are some of our favorites:

  •  Rustic Steps
  •  Patios, driveways and paths
  •  Retaining walls around ponds, gardens and other landscape elements
  •  One-of-a-kind benches
  •  And so much more!

Reclaimed Curbing Products

Enhance your project with our reclaimed products

Our antique street pavers, cobblestones and landscaping materials will give your space the unique, historic touch it deserves.