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Our Reclaimed Hardscapes Product Line

Experienced Brick and Stone Reclaimed Cobblestones

Reclaimed Hardscape Materials for Any Project

In our salvaged hardscapes inventory, you’ll find everything from hand-carved stone blocks to gorgeous plaza paving stones to stone posts, once used as hitching posts, property markers or fence posts. And that’s just the start.

With Experienced Brick & Stone’s reclaimed hardscapes, you’re making the sustainable choice: taking durable, old materials and adding historic character and beauty to your project.

The ways our customers have used our antique hardscape are as diverse as the materials themselves. For inspiration, check out project photos on each of the hardscape project pages.

Reclaimed Hardscaping Products

Enhance your project with our reclaimed products

Our antique street pavers, cobblestones and landscaping materials will give your space the unique, historic touch it deserves.