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Our Reclaimed Cobblestones Product Line

Experienced Brick and Stone Reclaimed Cobblestones

Our Reclaimed Cobblestones Product Line

When customers source materials from our robust inventory of reclaimed, historic cobblestones, no two projects are the same. Antique cobblestones add so much value.

These used stones are available in many sizes, from under 6 inches to over a foot in length and in varying widths and heights. The vast range of colors—including many shades of gray, red, brown, tan and more—will help you stun your guests with an aesthetically pleasing and visually dynamic landscape, driveway or patio.

And, perhaps best of all, like every product we carry, these salvaged materials are the real deal—more than 100-year-old rocks with an interesting past and long future ahead.

Popular Uses for Antique Cobblestones

Our customers have used our recovered cobblestones to create an array of striking spaces and projects:

  •  Durable and upscale driveways, entranceways and walkways
  •  Unique patios and in-ground pool decks
  •  Impressive walls and façades
  •  The restoration of historic streets and sidewalks
  •  Garden pathways and hardscapes
  •  And so much more!

Reclaimed Cobblestone Products

Enhance your project with our reclaimed products

Our antique street pavers, cobblestones and landscaping materials will give your space the unique, historic touch it deserves.