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Reclaimed Caledonia Curbing

Caledonia Curbing

Caledonia curb installed as curbing along a cobblestone street. (more pictures)

Reclaimed Caledonia Curbing

The reclamation of granite curbing is a large part of the inventory at Experienced Brick and Stone. One type of granite curbing we are proud to salvage for reuse is a beautiful granite known as Caledonia. This durable stone material has a consistently deep color with some flash in the granite. Caledonia granite was quarried in Quebec, Canada.

Throughout the last 100 years, there have been plenty of changes to stone curbing, resulting in distinct characteristics of the historic material.

Our enterprising customers find many creative uses for old curbing: steps, benches, retaining walls around gardens and ponds, and of course its original purpose, edging for driveways and walkways.

Curbing as Rustic Steps

You can create steps from salvaged curbing that has a relatively flat face and top. Just lay the curb on its side, creating a step tread with all the character of a stone carved a century ago.

Curbing as Paving Stones

Curbing with one relatively flat side can be laid down as large pavers to create patios, driveways and walkways. The joint between the slabs can be straight and tight for a more formal look, or wider and rough for a more rustic appearance.

Curbing as Retaining Walls

When laid flat and stacked, curbing makes great retaining walls up to 10 feet high and provides many design options. The curb may be dry stacked, pinned together, battered or mortared. To create a clean look, expose the finished tops. For rustic appeal, expose the bottoms — or try a combination of both for a beautiful variation in texture.

Curbing as… Curbing!

Of course, the antique curbing we recover can be used as curbing again. It also works well for an edge restraint for steps, raised garden beds or stone path edging.

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View Reclaimed Caledonia Curbing in Action!

  • Reclaimed Caledonia Curbing in our Operations Yard
    Caledonia Curbing
    Reclaimed Caledonia Curbing in our Operations Yard
  • A close-up look at the stone’s color consistency on the Caledonia curb
    Caledonia Curbing
    A close-up look at the stone’s color consistency on the Caledonia curb

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